Wateen Cable Lahore Wateen Multimedia

Wateen Cable Lahore Wateen Multimedia

 Wateen Multimedia is Abu Dhabi Group’s latest communication investment in Pakistan that focuses on high quality TV dipped in More than 99 exciting channels ranging from local to international satellites, catering complete household viewing.

Having said that we do also redeem our services in multiple in-house channels ranging from blockbuster movies, music, drama series and kids channel. As we speak these dominant in house channels have now become the major attraction for all the users using our services. It is now we wish to use this for selling advertisement purposes.

Wateen CATV service is currently operational in Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Multan with the subscriber base of 675,000 which includes all the important areas of the cities. (For detailed area list, kindly see the attachment on the next page).

  • High Quality content played on WMM gives the viewers the whole new experience of watching in- house channels with the satellite
  • The ads that are being played on the WMM cable are highly organized and clutter less since WMM’s vision emphasizes heavily on quality rather than revenue
  • Since we have exclusive subscription in SEC A1, A2 B, C and D areas, we ensure quality while selecting the ad clients and float exclusive ad rate in the market. This guarantees our quality in the competitive environment and in return gives us an edge over
  • No retail ads are being played on WMM cable in order to maintain the premium


Multiple in-house channels consisting of totally legal content ranging from blockbuster movies, music, drama series and kids channel providing infotainment and pleasure viewing within the comfort of your living room:

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